We’ve all heard about the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables but did you know that, when it comes to CBD, it makes a big difference how hemp is grown?

While every plant absorbs nutrients from the soil, hemp is a powerful “bioaccumulator.” That means it’s especially good at absorbing toxins, including heavy metals, from the ground. That’s great news if you want to clean the soil with hemp. It also means CBD consumers need to be careful. We don’t want to take unwanted chemicals or toxins into our bodies with our CBD supplements.

With over 1500 different manufacturers, the CBD industry is oversaturated with cheap, low-quality, and sometimes unsafe products. There are countless brands with dishonest labels, improper health claims, contaminated hemp extracts, and artificial ingredients. So how do you know where to start? To avoid these scary realities, take the first step with CBD made from certified organic hemp. Not only is it a better product, but it’s better for your body and the planet.